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We are building the platform that will revitalize the music industry

The music industry is broken, and there are too many inefficiencies with the current model to fix it. Others have tried and failed, but with Web3, we finally have the tools to succeed. We are reintroducing scarcity and fan participating back into music value chain. 

Percent of music revenues earned by the top 1% of musicians:
Top 1% 77%
Percent of industry revenue that streaming accounts for:
Streaming 85%
Percent of artist income from music

We Prioritize Musicians


Small edition, large edition or open minting, our platform does it all.


Artists can choose the rate of royalties they will receive and how much, if any, NFTs owners receive.

Fan Engagement

We drop exclusive content and enable white lists for NFT owners.

Empowering musicians to earn more from their music!

Everyone is welcome

Doesn't matter your genre, we got you.

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